John David Gepp, founder of Rowland Rowing, brings over 33 years experience in rowing and instructing. He began his rowing career as a lifeguard on the beaches of the Jersey Shore in Belmar, New Jersey. John spent 28 years on the beach as captain, coach and training officer. It was there that he mentored and successfully led thousands of high-risk rescues which tapped into his talent, passion and genuine desire to save lives. John has trained the extreme athlete, rescue teams, senior and junior lifeguard programs and members of local police departments. As a long standing member of the Monmouth County Team, which has dominated the rowing events at the United States Lifesaving Championships since the early 1990’s, John continues to be a 2 time age group National Champion. In addition, John received his national certification as a personal trainer in 2008 and started his own fitness company “Cardio Kings” where he worked individually with clients to develop and maintain an optimum level of fitness. The Concept 2 rowing machine has always been a significant part of his training. He earned his certification as a Concept 2 instructor to master proper technique and benefits of the machine. Concept 2 is used by Olympic & collegiate athletes and Nassau’s space training program.

John founded Rowland Rowing in 2011 to share his passion for the water and the art of rowing with his loyal students and peers. His love of rowing comes from the surfboats he used throughout his career and years spent on the beach. He relocated to Florida in 2008 after spending many years vacationing with his family as a child at their south Florida home. What started out as a coaching lesson with neighbors in his driveway lead him to open Rowland Rowing studio in Juno Beach, Florida. The response he had was overwhelming with the results and weight loss his clients were achieving. John has designed several programs proven for all ages, fitness levels and body types, including his infamous RIP current row program. You simply will not find this program anywhere else. The program incorporates a total body workout that involves working every major muscle group to gain strength, improve flexibility and endurance, all in one workout. Rowing will take you as far as you want to go and he also believes this is the best and newest concept in fitness. John has been featured on several TV news channels and also has had articles published about him in the newspaper as well as print media.