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Looking for an affordable,time efficient,low impact workout? Indoor rowing classes are similar to spinning classes, except that every major muscle group is involved. Getting proper instruction is vital to attaining the proper technique.

While using an average of 23 muscles per stroke indoor rowing is one of the fastest ways to get in shape, stay in shape, lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, improve endurance, and cross train for other sports. It is recognized as the Ultimate calorie burning exercise. It is suitable for all levels of fitness and I have 10 year olds to 80 year olds taking my classes.



John David Gepp, creator of Rip-Current Row, brings over 30 years experience in rowing and instructing . He began his rowing career as a lifeguard on the beaches of the Jersey shore in Belmar. John spent 30 summers on the beach as Captain, coach, and training officer and has trained the extreme, average, and weekend athlete.

He relocated to Juno Beach, Florida in 2008 and received his national certification as a personal trainer. He started his own fitness company "Cardio Kings" where he worked individually with clients to develop and maintain an optimum level of fitness. The rowing machine was a huge hit among his clients, especially when he showed them proper technique and the benefits. He opened Rowland Rowing Studio in 2011. When interviewed, he said "I wanted to create a workout that no one had ever seen before completely on the rowing machine that all ages, fitness levels, and body types could do and make it fun yet challenging and put it in a class setting.

" Rowing is a total body, low impact workout that will help you lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, and improve endurance. It is also great for cross training for other sports or rehabbing an injury.

"My program can be put in gyms, fitness centers, wellness centers, sports clubs, and communities with a fitness room." Rowing is the next wave in fitness, so don't miss the boat!


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Monday, Wednesday, Saturday : 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Also Available : Private lessons, Corporate Functions
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What people are saying about Rip-Current Row

Kathy Batts
"Love the work out, the music, the instructor!"

Mabel Eng
"It's a great class. I intend to keep going. John is very motivating"

Laurena Leon
"Great workout, knowledgeable instructor. Glad I went! Have referred several others."

Wendy Grieve
"Loved the workout! Definitely want to try to incorporate it in to my schedule."

Pat Ljungquist
"love it. great instructor. never makes you feel silly .he helps you all the way thru. glad I found this place."

Jennifer Harner
"John is the best! Really focuses on proper technique! A great workout"

Jody achilles
"Loved it! Awesome concept and owner!"

Pat Clark
"Instructor is excellant! Great enviroment."

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